Tekirdağ City Hall


Tekİrdağ, Turkey

Project year
520.000 m²

Tekirdağ opened this competition in the aim to create a new city centre. A mix of new buildings of mixed use, open air public spaces, green areas and the new City Hall, the competition program ambitioned a whole new district. The project aimed to create a new identity in an attractive new centre. It integrates itself in the old city fabric and offer in its centre a great urban park which the community can appropriate to itself. The new neighbourhood has 2 levels of connectivity parallel to each other; one totally public, the urban park, offering a large range of activities, and another one, semi-private find consequential patios of different ambiances and serve directly the adjacent buildings. For a better pedestrian continuity, the bus City Hall terminal is underground with Shafts of light that brings theatrical lights. The City Hall itself is a white translucent building, a soft shape of strong identity in the landscape. L shaped opposing a square building; the complex is linked by a tin roof perforated by large circles and penetrated by trees. In front of the City Hall, a great square is bordered by a large park that continues in the city and follow the roof shape.

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